Word Explosion

100-150 – I’m at 30000 for this novel.  I think what I’ll do is this.  Tomorrow, I’ll read you the short story that inspired this craptacular novel (so you might see it here in a couple weeks) and then jump back into writing the damn thing.  I’m shooting for like 60,000 words so half way there I guess.  I would settle for 50 though.  We will see where it falls out.  I assume this will be a self published novel.  I’ll try to publish it traditional like though, so I can read you the rejections.  We will see.  I’m on a time table now, other projects pushing at me.  I want this bugger out the door.  Going back through it now with my ‘add description, time, place, weather, fix plot holes’ hat on and see where that leaves me.

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