Where Do You Write?

Since most of my writing in now happening at lunchtime.  I write at the McDonald’s close to work. There is a Starbucks by there too and a Caribou but a coffee shop?  Someday, when I’m famous, explaining that I wrote this fucking masterpiece at a Starbucks? It’s just not me.  Okay, McDonald’s isn’t much better, but I don’t go in and buy that fucking poisonous food, I just pull up and piggy back the Wi-Fi from the car. Now that is cool, “I wrote this fucking masterpiece on my lunch hour in my car, piggy backing the McDonald’s Wi-Fi to Google Docs.  Fuck yeah!” The Starbucks writers are too young, too hip and to god damn pretentious.  If you are writing at Starbucks, I hope your barrista goes nuts and jams stir sticks into your fucking eyeballs.  Just kidding, write wherever you want.  Just write.  Where do you write?