Whatever. Persist.

First off, man I hate spammers.  I’m going to rant a second so skip ahead if you can’t handle it. Dear spammers, fuck off you dirty, shitty, awful fucking people.  Go do something, any god damn thing.  This stuff I’m doing here is junk. I know this, but it’s still better than anything you are doing.

Second I recorded my first podcast that I will try to get up here before January ends.  I’ll try to do like six this year.  While my voice is super sexy, I’m a shitty reader, reading you shitty writing (what an endorsement) but in the end I have to do more corrections than I had hoped.  So hopefully both writing and reading will get better.

Third, I did get in some writing.  90-100 and I’m almost 15000 words and almost a third into this novel.  I guess I’m just slow.  That is not a whole lot of work is it?  that is like two weeks work spread over a year.  Whatever. Persist.


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