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But If I Pay Attention…

To what? The News? Read this first:
From the above:
“We need reporting that polices our institutions and uncovers truth. But important findings don’t have to arrive in the form of news. Long journal articles and in-depth books are good, too.”

Years ago, I wanted to start a blog called “Why Is This News?” I’ve always been of the opinion that we just don’t need every weird thing that happens for 7 billion people.

Worse though, our news is simple “Public Relations” from large corporations. All of which support the new Trump Kleptocracy.

I think, and I’m just speculating now, that the merely wealthy are running the government. With permission from the 1%, for now. People like Trump who can’t figure out why their super wealthy friends keep getting more money and they are stagnating. Must be the system’s fault. Must be all those lazy people who just go to work everyday.

Remember too, the wealthy hate you, you are a resource to be exploited. Like all those hard working contractors Trump didn’t pay for one bullshit reason or another. They will continue to screw everyone they consider ‘behind’ them in this money making game, or ‘less than’ them in the social/clout game. And it’s just a game for them. They don’t have to work. At all. They could make some lame investment and live on the interest, maybe lose some of their money. But what fun is that, these are people accustomed to wielding power and if you are not out there doing (horrible) things, who will you wield power over? Power. Money. It’s just a game for these people.

I don’t mean to insult wealth or wealthy people. I’ve learned that there are good men and women out there who wield whatever money, power and influence they have with responsibility and thought. People who understand that social program spending and infrastructure spending will help the poor and generate jobs. People who understand that the commons are not for exploitation indefinitely.

I respect our systems,institutions and western traditions, in the capacity that I understand them. But this latest ciphering of wealth to bolster giant corporations, the super rich or even the merely rich is simply, morally wrong. To me it’s obviously morally wrong. I wanted to see this too, I voted for Perot. I believed business processes would cleanse the overspending and inefficiency of government. But what we are getting is so much worse the removal and non-replacement of programs, jobs and governmental functions altogether is not what I wanted. What is needed is no less radical than what we are getting, an overhaul of processes and people who have simply stagnated. Government is not a resting place or hiding place for people who are lazy. It cannot be. But it should not move at the speed of business either. It cannot take on the amorality of business. It cannot be driven by profit. It must be moral and ethical, or we will be lost, all of us.

Processes are in place to protect the people doing the governmental work and to protect the people that the work is done for, which is all of us.

So what is my point. Government is NOT a business. It cannot be run by business, or money. That IS what is happening and it looks to me to be an oncoming flood that that fills me with dread and worry.

To those good wealthy people. If you think you can hide in your wealth when this flood comes, I’m not sure that we unwashed masses, in our rage, will be able to distinguish between you and Trump.

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Had a great experience at Origins 2014. Picked up a book of monster stories from authors who were all there and all friendly and all willing to sign my book. I’m very much looking forward to posting about these stories. A big thank you to the great people at for letting help at their booth. I simply would not go to conventions if I didn’t have something to do there besides gaming. Oh hear comes the rant…

I can’t sit for twenty hours and play games. I’m good for four or so… And trust me, if you are sitting that long, knock it off, your killing yourself! You fucking know it’s true, but I won’t lecture any longer.

Also a great job goes out to the winners of the Origins awards. See here for winners:

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Deadly Silence

And here I was so worried about negative feedback. It’s no feedback that will kill you; make you think the worst. Being ignored is worse than being shit one (figuratively.) I guess I need to find some promotional things to do. But if you have a day job is it worth it? I think I’ll just keep writing. Try to hone the craft. I wrote a novel, finished the fucker, which is more than most people can say. Still would be nice to get a couple readers.

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Editing Sucks Monkey Tits

God, what a headache. This is why I was so damn happy when I took my last ‘writing’ course in college. I think I took all math and computer science classes for the last year and it was so nice to not have to re-write and pick and poke at commas and sentence structure and blah, blah, blah, puke. Again, much respect to you people who do this for a living.

I went so far as to take an online writing course to get my shit together. After putting my novel into a workshop, some jerk took me apart. He was right, but it hurt. It’s always that cold, merciless person that gives you the best advice. Overall though readers have been kind. No one is telling me to call Hollywood, but there aren’t pile of shit on the novel either.

Keep writing everyone and look for me next year to be more active here. (For real this time.)

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Gen Con Cometh

Comic Con is great, but I can drive to Gen Con. Fuck yeah. I’ll be there. And if you have a Savage Worlds game you want me to play. Let’s do it. Also check out this game and these guys: both rock These guys are Ennie Nominated and should get it.

I’m kinda pumped to see an X-Files movie, if that was real. I’m really pumped that Saga did well, I like that comic. I’m pumped that Sandman will be back and will start re-reading that little slice of awesome. I really would like to fly out and go to Comic Con one year. As much as I love Gen Con, I’m falling out of the game and into the story. I mean I was always a setting nerd, I used to read the Magic: The Gathering novels, so…you know. But I used to want to be active so bad that I had to game so I could do something in the world that I enjoyed. But holy shit if you write, you do everything in the world that you enjoy not only do but make, and control and own. And look, if you don’t enjoy it what the fuck are you writing for? Go read Sandman or watch the Avengers movie.

Stay tuned.

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Business man

I find it hard to put into words, my feelings about offices and business in general.  Part of the ‘problem’ is that I like my job right now. That is a first for me.

I was thinking what would a tough business savvy dad would say to his 21 year old son as the young hipster headed out to the working world.  A sort of song pooped out.


Speak with conviction, authority and confidence

Check, check and re-check make it make sense

Don’t ever show weakness not once, not ever

You’ll be thier target today and forever


Do what you can

Don’t worry ’bout the business of the business man

Go with the plan

Don’t take it all so personal, it’s just business man


Be funny but always at others expense

Deflect and disarm use every defense

Inform via text, email and phone

many skills my son, many skills to hone


Don’t take it personal, its all in the plan

Hey take it easy, it’s just business man


Do what you can

Don’t worry ’bout the business of the business man

Go with the plan

Don’t take it all so personal, it’s just business man


Eat, sleep, drink and fuck; but never do it alone

Take every chance to make the pussy moan

Forget about the arts you love so fine

It’s all for free, no profit, it’s online

Chorus X2

It’s funny to me that I know enough to label chorus and bridge. But really I’m fucking clueless.  Turn this into a song for me, sell it, then send me money (yeah right).

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Whatever. Persist.

First off, man I hate spammers.  I’m going to rant a second so skip ahead if you can’t handle it. Dear spammers, fuck off you dirty, shitty, awful fucking people.  Go do something, any god damn thing.  This stuff I’m doing here is junk. I know this, but it’s still better than anything you are doing.

Second I recorded my first podcast that I will try to get up here before January ends.  I’ll try to do like six this year.  While my voice is super sexy, I’m a shitty reader, reading you shitty writing (what an endorsement) but in the end I have to do more corrections than I had hoped.  So hopefully both writing and reading will get better.

Third, I did get in some writing.  90-100 and I’m almost 15000 words and almost a third into this novel.  I guess I’m just slow.  That is not a whole lot of work is it?  that is like two weeks work spread over a year.  Whatever. Persist.


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wtf WordPress?

Why are you riddled with fucking spam?  And why do I pay hosting fees so I can fix this shit.  Mother fucker! this is total fucking bullshit?  GRRR!

This digit assault has got to stop.  Some one got my card over the holidays.  Fucking card was charged up in in Columbia like a week before Xmas.  Dirty fuckers.

JD is raging tonight!

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When You Should Work from Home

  1. When you are going from floor 4 to 1 and get pissed when the elevator stops at 3.
  2. Your aggravation doubles when that fat bitch steps in a presses the 2 button…then had the audacity to smile at you.
  3. When exiting said elevator and doing the ‘get the fuck out of the way’ dance with some asshole that forgot the rule of; let people off the fucking elevator before you load your noisy, oblivious, ass onto the elevator.  This busy fucker doesn’t even stop his conversation about skiing, in June, to say “excuse me, I need to get on this elevator before you get off.” So I give him a nice loud “excuse me.”  Just to wake him up.

But maybe, I’m just having a bad day.  Thanks for letting me rant.  Now go write and don’t be an asshole like me.

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We don’t say hate.  That is what we say in my house.  I would prefer fucking swear words to words like ‘hate’ or ‘never’ or ‘always’.  These are the real bad words. Truth is though, I grew up in a hateful house and I hate all the time.  I am a hater.  I hate the the players, the game , your hair, the system and myself.

Recently though, in the last few years, I’ve found ways to control the hateful thoughts.  Turn them positive and/or shut them down.  I can now sort of shut them down before they get going.  One way is zeroing in on key words like ‘never’ and ‘hate’.

I only hope that I can pass these skills on to my kids now, while they are young, they will then be able to do better than I have.

The damage from hate is immense, it only brings pain to both the hater and the hated.  Retaliation, poor decision making, even physical problems can stem from hate.  You want a great way to do nothing and still be tired.  Sit around and think about your little petty pet peeves and let them turn into hateful thoughts, it will exhaust you.

Learn to let go, just let it the fuck go.  Open up and let your guard down just a little.  You may find the hate coming in then, but once you shut it down inside, you can shut it down as it comes in from others.

So yeah, these are just words, it’s the thought and the intent behind them that matters.  So I watch for the that and don’t ban these words outright, but mostly I don’t say ‘hate’ anymore and I don’t say dumb shit that is akin to hate.

So let’s remember not to hate this election year my fellow Americans.