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So very excited to share a new game with you!! Check out Toadstone, a fun, two player, quick play game where you lay out your toadstools to capture toads. Then

Graphic Art

My first business card. So I showed my lovely business card to my graphic artist friend. He swiftly made sure I was not actually passing these out. His reasons. Font

Immortality: The Game Launches on Kickstarter

Kickstarter launched for Immortality: The Game. Six days into the campaign already and at this rate it’s not going to happen. Immortality: The Kickstarter is clearly mortal. Therefore I need

What a Game or a Story Can Be

Gaming can be a place to show that you understand complex things and can implement your plan towards success inside a framework or against these complex rules (things) toward success. 

More On Remakes

I had planned on a week of daily, interesting re-make board game posts. Came up with two posts, which I’m happy with! Because usually, I just think of stuff and