Welcome, I am J. Duncan Lick, that name is made up. Can you tell? I’ve gone Anonymous so that I might speak just a little more freely. This blog is for creatives looking to cross out of their current ‘career’ into a writing and/or artsy career.  My intention is to let you follow my every move, I’ll tell
you what is working and you can see what to avoid.  I’ll throw up some fun items and if all goes well take some of your stories and podcast/post them here.  But I’m way ahead of myself.

This all assumes that I can write.  This remains to be seen, though I think I can.  You let me know if you see a typo here on the blog and I will be sure to ignore you, you snotty fucker.

Why do this?

1.  I can’t stand business.  However, any work I’m qualified to do involves sitting in an office.  I am a versed IT guy and an MBA, but I, like you hate it.  I hate it all. The bosses, the cubicles, the stupid social shit you have to do.  It’s all hell to me. I’ve done it for 15 years.  I refuse to do 20.  I’m out; hopefully, in five years or so, maybe, fuck you either way.  I’m out!

2. I’m not a big people guy.  I’d rather smack you in your flappy mouth than
work with you.  Nothing personal, but fuck off.  Just kidding.  I’m not a misanthrope, I’d just prefer to work alone or with real people that I care about. Writing is one of the few careers left in the US that lets you work mostly solo.

3.  But mostly, I think I can do it. My head is full of these stories and ideas.  All the damn time.  I’m like a clotted up clothes washer hose cover, the water flowing out in all direction through random holes in the black gunk.  If I can tame the flow and push it all in one direction.  I think I could
come up with at least one damn novel.  Let’s find out.

But that’s all I really want to say about me.  I want to focus on writing.  The artistic struggle. Creativity.  Hopefully some good will come of this, if not you can always point and laugh.

I’ll be doing all this part time.  I have built a life in business and I do have a family.  I’m not some young fucker with tons of time, this is why I’ll be sure to post things that work for busy people.