Hours 1-5,  I had hoped to put in 20 this week but, whatever.  Remember, when you are working for/with others,  everyone else sets goals, and they all think they can accomplish them in the first two months of the year; and they will ask you to help them.  Weather the storm friends, you will get time to do your stuff. Persist. Just Persist.

I digress.  I Started my 2011 novel outline following this

It’s got aliens, so it will be awesome.

Then I got into character sheets – this will be tough for me.  So I’m going to be sure they are detailed.  One page for each of the four main characters. What the hell is a character chart?  Never mind, I googled it. The @MightyMur says it’s too much detail.  I agree.

Just the beginning.  Tell me about your 10KHours.