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Write, write and re-write

Turns out this little story I’ve been sending out really is crap.  I wrote it some time ago thought is was fine.  Then KZine rejected it with some feedback similar to what I’ve seen before.  So I read the damn thing, and they are right, it sucks.  So I rewrote it and and we will try again tonight.  Assume nothing! Ever!

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Magic: The Gathering

I absolutely hate when bloggers disappear, then come back with a bunch of lame fucking excuses.  So fuck you, I won’t do that.

I played 5 glorious hours of Magic last weekend.  No wife, kids, car or house repairs.  No work.  It was great.  Gaming has gone the way of the Euro-board game lately and those games are great.  But good old American Magic is always a good time.

Hear is a great exorcise.  Go here, pick a card at random.  There is a little random link.  Then write a story about it, click if a few times if you don’t like the initial picture, there are like 20,000 different cards, each with a little piece of art attached to it.

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I’ve just started The Walking Dead, sucked me in pretty fast.  I’ve been curious about these zombie stories and what makes them so popular.  It’s more about the living characters, the best ones making it even harder to survive.  It’s the fact that any character could die at any time that keeps me turning the pages.  Then there is this whole resetting of the story that happens in the absence of this character or that character.  I’ve never been a blood and guts guy but I guess I get it.  I’m working on my own zombie story too.  See how often I can get that rejected, I mean accepted.

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First Attempt at Money 2012

So I have a story that I’ve submitted a couple times.  Once at Red Fez and once at Another Realm.  Both rejected, but whatever.  Red Fez claimed there was not enough story, I disagree.  I’m sure they did not like it, but I don’t think that was the reason.  There is a whole lot of story packed into 1500 words IMHO.  Another Realm did the worst thing that you can do to an author.  They did not respond at all.  I like them, I’m not bad mouthing, I like them very much, but no responses are useless.  If you don’t get a response, you have to write them again and remove you work for consideration, that simple.  Do this inside of 90 days or 90 days after they said they would get back to you.  I didn’t do this, but advise for you not me, fuck off.

Anyway, since I’ve set the goal to make some kind of money this year.  I’ve decided to only submit to publisher who pay.  Makes sense, right.  I sent this story off to Clarkesworld and we will see.

Now you go submit something, quit being a chickenshit sack of cowardice.

Update – 1/29/2012  – Rejection came back the next day from Clarkesworld.  No feedback.  Brutal.  I listened to their podcast though and it’s very good.  The story I heard was just fantastic. Check out “All the Painted Stars” written by Gwendolyn Clare.  Here.

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Hours 8-13.  And I’ve only generated about 5000 words.  Granted I’m just a part timer, but I need to make time for this.  At this rate I’ll be dead before I hit 10000 hours.  Worked on my novel, slow going, there is so much to consider.  My admiration for real writers only grows with this endeavor.  So I’m going to switch gears until February, focus on a short story, where I’ve had some success and jump back in with both feet in another week.

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Literature of Ideas

Some disparate things came together this week.  First, because my novel has aliens, I guess it’s science fiction.  OK so I’m on Wikipedia looking at the definition of science fiction to see if there is some crucial element I should include.  Wikipedia describes science fiction as the literature of ideas.  I like that.  Sounds better than stories about outer space and computers.

Second, a friend is buying a gift for me at a book store.  I didn’t have the heart to ask for an Amazon gift card.  They want to go to a book store, fine by me.  Anyway, they are looking for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  by one Philip K. Dick, who I have probably not so obviously modeled my pen name after.   They don’t have the book, but they will order it.  The girl at the counter says and here is the point, I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in school.  In School?  Really?  I know I didn’t.  this blows me away, I had to read fucking Beowulf and Othello, good stories but I’d rather read Dick.  Anyway back to work you lazy stiffs.

Thanks for checking in.


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Hours 6 and 7, at this rate I’ll finish a novel in like …3 fucking years.  I don’t like snowflaking, it’s work.  So I busted out of it and wrote an early chapter.  I’ll probably go back to it.  I just got bored.  I’ve heard talk of anxiety and depression in creative types, maybe this is the cause of my pain and lack of productivity.  Probably I’m just a puss.

What are you working on?  How is it going?


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Hours 1-5,  I had hoped to put in 20 this week but, whatever.  Remember, when you are working for/with others,  everyone else sets goals, and they all think they can accomplish them in the first two months of the year; and they will ask you to help them.  Weather the storm friends, you will get time to do your stuff. Persist. Just Persist.

I digress.  I Started my 2011 novel outline following this

It’s got aliens, so it will be awesome.

Then I got into character sheets – this will be tough for me.  So I’m going to be sure they are detailed.  One page for each of the four main characters. What the hell is a character chart?  Never mind, I googled it. The @MightyMur says it’s too much detail.  I agree.

Just the beginning.  Tell me about your 10KHours.