eBook is up

Wow! Smashwords is surprisingly easy. But I’m a bit of a tech. So I can, you know, read directions. Not that you can’t, man you are so sensitive. Anyway, the

eBook time

40-80 I know everyone has a self-published ebook. But mine is better. I’m going to call it Dystopian Futures: A Collection of Short Stories. It’s been sucking up my time,

Dothraki vs Klingon

My wife gets full credit here. We were almost done with season two of Game of Thrones and I was comparing Dothraki to Klingon when my wife says; “Is Dothraki

Goal Check – Great News

Well great and not so great news.  The great news it that I will probably hit my 250 dollar money for words goal.  This was the last goal I thought

When You Should Work from Home

When you are going from floor 4 to 1 and get pissed when the elevator stops at 3. Your aggravation doubles when that fat bitch steps in a presses the 2 button…then


Is bittersweet one word or two?  Nope, don’t care.  I was rejected by a couple new places, I’ve decided not to name them anymore.  It’s pointless more likely to piss

More Games

I’ve been doing more playing than writing.  Not good for finishing my novel I know, but whatever.   I keep submitting what I have and keep on.  Persist.  I played

Game Night

Ahhhh, the smell of new cardboard and sweaty dudes.   I love game night!  Played 4 hours of BattleStar Galactica the board game and it was really fun.   A semi-cooperative game. 

Hunger Is Not a Game

26-40 Screw you Katniss.  Being hungry sucks ass and there is no way you can run around and make perfect bow shots when you are hungry.  I’m dieting…starving myself actually.

Where Do You Write?

Since most of my writing in now happening at lunchtime.  I write at the McDonald’s close to work. There is a Starbucks by there too and a Caribou but a