‘Ol Bonegrinder

So welcome back. I’m back. You’re back. We are all back, for a minute anyway, the holidaze will mess us up again for sure. In the meantime, my group (not mine, but the group I’m gaming with) removed a hag from the Bonegrinder windmill in Borovia. There were seven of us at level four. We only killed one hag. Facepalm. But the windmill, for now is cleared out and hopefully will stay that way. We hope to keep it as a safe haven. A place to hide if needed, we own it so it seems like a good contingency plan.

Took a long time to find a new group. But I stand by my decision to walk. I’ve taken the lesson to heart and will keep this card as a viable option always. It’s a freedom I think we often forget we have, one many parties would like to keep from us. Walk away. Don’t argue with a girlfriend, walk. Don’t stay at a shit job, walk. Don’t live in a shit neighborhood, walk. Always hang on to that power guys, don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t just walk away. It really is one of the few options that work.

Caveat, don’t walk away from raising kids. That’s a dick move. Game on.

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