I’m Back!

Fucking virus writing pieces of shit took down my site. Fuck you hackers, crackers and dirty fucking slackers. Man! I had to go file by file and pull out the dirty virus code. Worse than cleaning up dog shit.

But I’m back and feeling good (what you can’t tell by all the swearing that I’m feeling good? Well fuck you :))

Let’s see where are we? Oh yeah. Nowhere. That is OK though. Cuz I got a real gaming group for the first time and we are doing D&D’s the Hoard of the Dragon Queen and it’s super fun and what an amazing game D&D is and it took me several years to weasel my way into this group and I’m so grateful to be a part of it (run on intentional read faster!) I see why guys get crazy about roleplaying. Finally a group of my very own. I was going to buy and paing mini’s for everyone for the holidaze but the wife said they would tease me if I did. I guess I won’t, but maybe I will anyway, Or at least something for the GM.

So if I give up my writing time for this. It’s fine. It’s group writing anyway. Fun as fucking.

I think I said I was going to stop swearing on here. I am. I want my kids to read this someday.

Out for now. Thanks for reading and thank you universe for D&D, all other games and game designers, family, THC, alcohol, great stories and thier tellers and fuck you virus writing scum fucking assholes.