Hunger Is Not a Game

26-40 Screw you Katniss.  Being hungry sucks ass and there is no way you can run around and make perfect bow shots when you are hungry.  I’m dieting…starving myself actually.  Threw me all off.  Had a good run, getting 300 or so words a day (fuck off, I’m new.)  Then started a diet and went into a depression over my lost foods.  Writing stopped for a week.  I say writers should be fat.  Nothing better than a bowl of ice cream and a laptop.  I’m back though.  12 lbs lighter.  Woot.

Since I mentioned it earlier Hunger Games was a great movie, but as always the books were better.  I noticed one small thing, the POV changes to the game masters, they didn’t do that in the book.  It was always appropriate though, and one could argue necessary for movie goers. And hey where did the Avoxes go?  I guess they were as integral to the plot as Tom Bambadil was to the Lord of the Rings.  Oh well, no harm no foul.

So what is your favorite writing snack?  Me? Premium crackers.

p.s. Magically I’m up to 6000 words.