How to Write a Book in One Hour Bursts

In Stephen King’s On Writing book he talks about learning to read in bursts.  At the dentist or doctor’s office, on a bus etc.  Then I’ve heard stories of people finishing a novel at lunch.  This is where I am now.  Find time where you can and go go go.

1.)  Promise that you will look at the book at x time.  Just look that is all.  (You will do more than look.)

2.) Know what you will write before you sit down.  Have the scene worked out in your head.  Not everything dopey, just the outline.

3.) Under no circumstances are you to check a website or your phone during the one hour. Write.

4.) Just write.  As Mur says, turn off you editor.

5.) You may need a longer bit of time to stitch the one hour sessions together.  Get the fuck out of bed on Saturday you fucking lazy piece of shit.


That is all I have right now.  I write blog posts in 15 minute increments bitch.