Graphic Art

My first business card.

So I showed my lovely business card to my graphic artist friend. He swiftly made sure I was not actually passing these out. His reasons. Font was too small and a weird cursive that was illegible. The logo on the back, words were unreadable. The website does not need http:// like it did in 1997, that is funny. Email should be from this site not gmail (face palm). All good stuff. These designer people are gold. If you know one have them look at your projects, and pay them!

While my friend offered to just do my card. I want to give it one more try. I enjoy doing it this stuff, and learning new things. Plus, when I do this Kickstarter and get funded, hopefully, first calls are going out to graphics people, then editors and then printers. He can do the card then and this site maybe. Turns out making stuff is work.

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