Goal Check

Here are the goals I set for 2012. I’ll do my 2013 list in another post, not that anyone gives a rat-fuck.

1. 250 dollars, for writing. This is probably the toughest. I am not a professional writer so, I’m not sure how this will work out, but I have some plans. I paid about 110 for this blog so that’s better than 100 percent profit if I can make it happen.

–Done and done. I made like 500 dollars doing some technical writing.

Revised goal. Get paid for fiction. 20 bucks.

Look. It’s easy to make money doing crap nobody wants to do.  I need to make money for fiction.  Money for creativity, that is the goal.  I call this a win but I bent the rules a bit.

2. Write 2 books, first and second drafts at least. I’d like to do NaNoWriMo but it don’t think it will jive with my schedule.

–So funny. I got down about 10000 words by April and just crashed. So much tougher than I thought it would be.

Revised goal. Write one Novel in 2013.

3. Take my collection of short stories and poems and publish them to the Amazon Kindle Store. Charge a buck, see goal one.

–Check. Go here and buy it you cheap piece of shit. Apocalypse Hope.

4. Collect some stories to do a podcast next year.

–Check…see goal 3, those will be the stories I’ll read first. But I’m going to have to figure out how podcasting works. I’m a little pumped about this. Should be fun. I would like to do other people’s stuff. (No I won’t be paying yet.)

5. Keep up with my new blog. I think a couple posts a week and a story a month will do.

–Also hard to do. I failed here. I will try harder. I will have to get into like geek news and game/book reviews and shit to keep up the content. I’ll work it out. This was expected, I did a home improvement project this year that just kicked my ass.

Revised goal. 3 short stories. Shop them around, Weekly post.  Daily tweet.  6 pod casts.

Look for my fucking schedule.  This is pretty good.  You think you can do better?  Put your nuts on the table, or whatever.

So just doing the revised goals would be impressive.  But I also want to do a card game. Write a couple RPG adventures and lay the ground work for a fucking titties online game in 2014.  So there is a whole shit ton of things I want to do.  Ultimately I want to quit the day job at the end of 2016, but certain financial goals must be met first.