Get Out, Wait, Stay Home and Vote

Americans had another chance to show what they value most this past holiday. Apparently it’s cheap, giant, flat screen televisions. Walmart and other retailers are taking a vote this year and for the past couple. Do you want to shop or have a dinner with your family? You vote when you buy on their terms, when they say, and when you should be at home having a holiday. And you voted for more shopping and more crap.

It’s fine to go get a tv when it’s on sale, but when you do it on Thanksgiving. You are telling everyone that a tv is more important than our American holiday of Thanksgiving. That a tv is more important than tradition. That a tv is more important than family. You could have shown Walmart that you care about more than cheap electronics, that you don’t need to be shopping on your precious, dwindling time away from work and commerce.

But not you, you need to be working and spending constantly don’t you. Why? What is the end game? And what did you miss while you stood in line. Maybe your baby niece rolled over for the first time. Maybe grandpa finally revealed the chili recipe. Maybe we had dessert without you, and we felt thankful for what we had, each other, but not you, you were in line at walmart.

Maybe next year they will offer a Christmas morning Ipad. Will you go to Walmart then? What about a cheap foreign made rifle on Memorial Day? Have some pride, you are more than a consumer! More than a tube where the money goes in one end from your boss and out the other for junk at the lowest price.

Well enjoy that tv, but remember that you get what you pay for and you get what you ask for…you voted for shopping on your holidays and you got it now, and will continue to get it for the foreseeable future.