First Attempt at Money 2012

So I have a story that I’ve submitted a couple times.  Once at Red Fez and once at Another Realm.  Both rejected, but whatever.  Red Fez claimed there was not enough story, I disagree.  I’m sure they did not like it, but I don’t think that was the reason.  There is a whole lot of story packed into 1500 words IMHO.  Another Realm did the worst thing that you can do to an author.  They did not respond at all.  I like them, I’m not bad mouthing, I like them very much, but no responses are useless.  If you don’t get a response, you have to write them again and remove you work for consideration, that simple.  Do this inside of 90 days or 90 days after they said they would get back to you.  I didn’t do this, but advise for you not me, fuck off.

Anyway, since I’ve set the goal to make some kind of money this year.  I’ve decided to only submit to publisher who pay.  Makes sense, right.  I sent this story off to Clarkesworld and we will see.

Now you go submit something, quit being a chickenshit sack of cowardice.

Update – 1/29/2012  – Rejection came back the next day from Clarkesworld.  No feedback.  Brutal.  I listened to their podcast though and it’s very good.  The story I heard was just fantastic. Check out “All the Painted Stars” written by Gwendolyn Clare.  Here.