D&D Next

So I was the one sucker that bought D&D 4th edition.  Then when I told people I had it they asked why I didn’t have Pathfinder.  Dang!

So I was invited to play D&D Next which was really fun.  I like the expertise die.  It gives me a chance to roll more dice and just generally have more options.

The guys I played with were all impressed in October how powerful their characters were, but then complained in November when said characters were scaled back.  I was like whatever, we knew there would be changes, it was a peek behind the curtain and I really dug it.  We are older so it  tough to find the time play at all, so I can see the difficulty they are having.  But it’s worth it to me.

That is all for now though.  Waiting with bells on for the next session.  Holidaze were too busy.

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