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Here I Go Again

350-360/42,000 I’ve started a new story. Looking forward to writing again, it’s been too long. This blog has become a constant for me. One thing I can just do and not worry too much about. I place to come back to and see how whiny I was back when, how productive, how whatever.

I’ve been through three jobs this year. Fought with many people that I love. Found help where I could and when I needed it most. But I’ll never stop being creative. It’s what I am and what I do. I will never surrender. Surrender is death. Forgive your past. Forget the future. Live now and write.


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Speaking of Fear

Seems to be my new topic lately. I’m letting go of mine. Let go of yours. I’ve often feared that my boss was out to get me. That I’ve become a burden to my work, and maybe sometimes that was true. I definitely hit a burn out phase just after 2008 as many of you did. But I’ve finally come to realize that maybe my boss is just trying to get me to my potential. Which is pretty cool. So don’t hate your boss. Love yourself and do good work. You will be fine.

Not that you give a fuck. But I’m getting back to writing in June. I’ve been out of commission for a good year and that is not working.

Also go read this it’s great.

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Tough to you if you can’t find the time. I know how it is, got to keep up with that young kid. Worry about these bastard, cold-blooded managers removing you for some younger, faster worker. And oh while you are keeping up, your energy level is dropping, reflexes are slowing, eyes getting worse. Such is life, suck it up. No wonder so many older guys bust their asses so hard. There is no rest for you my friend, no rest till the day you die.

But if you do take a moment, maybe a vacation to read a book, think freely and let possibilities flow though you. What if you could do something different, be someone better. Don’t worry I’m not trying to sell you anything, not right now anyway, go check out my eBooks later. I’m just trying to get you to think a little. Think about the last time you just let go and followed a bird as it just hopped about and pecked at the ground. The last time you just stared at the water and watched the waves go up and down. Try and take those nice thoughts back to your life with you. Hold on to them. Maybe let them influence a decision or two. Then maybe, just maybe we will have a kinder, calmer world.

I’ve learned to meditate and to loosen up a little. It’s been good for me. I’m still wound pretty tight but I’ve grown, and it was needed. If I’m ever going to write anything decent, I’ll need to know that peaceful feeling and I’ll need to know how to generate it in others as they read the words, that, let’s face it, I did NOT write in that state. I haven’t written much, but I’ve written enough to know that it’s work. And to do it well, it’s damn hard work and it take a lot of time, focus and dedication. Prolonged effort over time my friends. Lots of time.
So I say tough, tough to you buddy. You can’t find the time? If you can’t find the time then you are not a writer. Because a writer writes, always.

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Short Story vs. Novel

350-360 hours, 41,000 words. Well ain’t that some shit. I’ve lost the ability to write a short story. After putting down 40k words in a row, in something that may resemble a novel. (I know that is not even that long. Shut up.) I’m finding it tough to go back and do a short.

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More Words More Money

Not really. I gets no monies fo dis shit. Monies, I need monies. Not really, I do fine in my day job. Just saying it would be nice.

250-350 – and at about 40,400 words I’ve stopped and posted a new novel. I’m okay with how it turned out. I did the formatting and cover which came out really nice. Contact me if you need some shit formatted for an ebook. I’m fucking good I tell you. I’ll trade formatting skill for editing skills. (I stole the image and doctored it. Is it yours? omg I’m sorry! Email me ok. We can work it out.)
Check it out here

Put in this code NK46S and get it for free…review it if you like it. If you don’t like it your silence is appreciated. (read: fuck off negative Nancy)

Back to work writing another one.

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40k We Will Call That a Novel

The opinion changes from person to person. Some say 40k is a novel some say novella. Whatever. I’m there and the story is told. I can’t believe it took so damn long. Or how shitty my grammar really is. So I’m running it through my online critique site, then I’ll submit it to at least 5 places, but then it’s self published and on to the next one. I can’t dick around forever. I’ve seen how ‘professional’ writers work and they just pump shit out. It’s pretty amazing. I was keeping an hour by hour tracking. I wish I were that good. We can just take on another 100 hours or so and call it a day. That’s 250 hours total for a first and second draft. And hopefully the third draft won’t be another 100 hours, but I think it will be. So at the end 350 hours. So all and all 9 weeks if I did this full time. Interesting.

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Word Explosion

100-150 – I’m at 30000 for this novel.  I think what I’ll do is this.  Tomorrow, I’ll read you the short story that inspired this craptacular novel (so you might see it here in a couple weeks) and then jump back into writing the damn thing.  I’m shooting for like 60,000 words so half way there I guess.  I would settle for 50 though.  We will see where it falls out.  I assume this will be a self published novel.  I’ll try to publish it traditional like though, so I can read you the rejections.  We will see.  I’m on a time table now, other projects pushing at me.  I want this bugger out the door.  Going back through it now with my ‘add description, time, place, weather, fix plot holes’ hat on and see where that leaves me.

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Whatever. Persist.

First off, man I hate spammers.  I’m going to rant a second so skip ahead if you can’t handle it. Dear spammers, fuck off you dirty, shitty, awful fucking people.  Go do something, any god damn thing.  This stuff I’m doing here is junk. I know this, but it’s still better than anything you are doing.

Second I recorded my first podcast that I will try to get up here before January ends.  I’ll try to do like six this year.  While my voice is super sexy, I’m a shitty reader, reading you shitty writing (what an endorsement) but in the end I have to do more corrections than I had hoped.  So hopefully both writing and reading will get better.

Third, I did get in some writing.  90-100 and I’m almost 15000 words and almost a third into this novel.  I guess I’m just slow.  That is not a whole lot of work is it?  that is like two weeks work spread over a year.  Whatever. Persist.


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Basement Project Completed

80-90  2500 words on novel. It is at like 11000 words.  I was in the how do I do more phase but I think I got it worked out.  I essentially had all plot with no characterization or scene descriptions.

I was OOC (Out Of Commission) for a while too.  Finished the basement.  I will never do another home project myself.  I’m OK with tools, I just don’t enjoy it much and would rather write.  So there you go.  Back in the game bitches.

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eBook time

40-80 I know everyone has a self-published ebook. But mine is better. I’m going to call it
Dystopian Futures: A Collection of Short Stories. It’s been sucking up my time, but in the end, it’s really only like 3 thousand new words. My output is sad, but not unplanned. Next year I’ll have more time to commit to writing. It will be out there very soon. Just waiting on some reader feedback.