Is bittersweet one word or two?  Nope, don’t care.  I was rejected by a couple new places, I’ve decided not to name them anymore.  It’s pointless more likely to piss someone off than anything else.  I was told my writing was good, which is awesome.  But in the same breath, I was told that I didn’t create enough conflict.  I  thought long and hard about my stories, and that is probably accurate.  There is not enough conflict in any of my stuff.  But, I think, in the end, I’m a little more intellectual, conflict is great but, my conflicts tend to be of the mind, internal not external, so you dumb fucker are just missing it, no just kidding, it’s not there. I will ‘action it up’ some, because I’d really like to get a few more things accepted, but mostly, because I want to get better at this.