40k We Will Call That a Novel

The opinion changes from person to person. Some say 40k is a novel some say novella. Whatever. I’m there and the story is told. I can’t believe it took so damn long. Or how shitty my grammar really is. So I’m running it through my online critique site, then I’ll submit it to at least 5 places, but then it’s self published and on to the next one. I can’t dick around forever. I’ve seen how ‘professional’ writers work and they just pump shit out. It’s pretty amazing. I was keeping an hour by hour tracking. I wish I were that good. We can just take on another 100 hours or so and call it a day. That’s 250 hours total for a first and second draft. And hopefully the third draft won’t be another 100 hours, but I think it will be. So at the end 350 hours. So all and all 9 weeks if I did this full time. Interesting.

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