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Truth Bombs

Played a fun game last night. It was called Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs.

This is a fun party game. You write down things about the other players like ‘What would their superpower be?” or “How will they die?” Then you guess who said what. It’s very fun in my humble opinion. We did some giggling for sure.

I wonder how re-playable it will be. Seems like all you have to do is change out the people playing for a whole new game. The price over at Amazon is just 20 bucks which I think is a pretty good deal.

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Getting Back to Games

So I created a separate site for my personal and rant-y stuff. Stay here for games guys. Games, writing, creative stuff. Just getting focused. If you like rants. They are here for sure, and I will continue to bless you with game, writing and creativity rants. Don’t you worry.

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More On Remakes

I had planned on a week of daily, interesting re-make board game posts. Came up with two posts, which I’m happy with! Because usually, I just think of stuff and never write anything down. I do my day job like a good cube jockey. You probably wanted to see lists or remakes, I was going to do that But BGG does it better here:

I’m in the FFG club, make the game beautiful. Make it functional but high end. I sincerely hope that board games continue to explore new themes though, and not just do remakes.

Speaking of which, I have a game that explores the full human psychological\actual life, from birth to death where you try to ‘fix’ death. I call it Immortality: The Game.

I’m still play testing. but check out the board art (by Jeremy McHugh):

Immortality: The Game Board Art by Jeremy McHugh