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Editing Sucks Monkey Tits

God, what a headache. This is why I was so damn happy when I took my last ‘writing’ course in college. I think I took all math and computer science classes for the last year and it was so nice to not have to re-write and pick and poke at commas and sentence structure and blah, blah, blah, puke. Again, much respect to you people who do this for a living.

I went so far as to take an online writing course to get my shit together. After putting my novel into a workshop, some jerk took me apart. He was right, but it hurt. It’s always that cold, merciless person that gives you the best advice. Overall though readers have been kind. No one is telling me to call Hollywood, but there aren’t pile of shit on the novel either.

Keep writing everyone and look for me next year to be more active here. (For real this time.)