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Business man

I find it hard to put into words, my feelings about offices and business in general.  Part of the ‘problem’ is that I like my job right now. That is a first for me.

I was thinking what would a tough business savvy dad would say to his 21 year old son as the young hipster headed out to the working world.  A sort of song pooped out.


Speak with conviction, authority and confidence

Check, check and re-check make it make sense

Don’t ever show weakness not once, not ever

You’ll be thier target today and forever


Do what you can

Don’t worry ’bout the business of the business man

Go with the plan

Don’t take it all so personal, it’s just business man


Be funny but always at others expense

Deflect and disarm use every defense

Inform via text, email and phone

many skills my son, many skills to hone


Don’t take it personal, its all in the plan

Hey take it easy, it’s just business man


Do what you can

Don’t worry ’bout the business of the business man

Go with the plan

Don’t take it all so personal, it’s just business man


Eat, sleep, drink and fuck; but never do it alone

Take every chance to make the pussy moan

Forget about the arts you love so fine

It’s all for free, no profit, it’s online

Chorus X2

It’s funny to me that I know enough to label chorus and bridge. But really I’m fucking clueless.  Turn this into a song for me, sell it, then send me money (yeah right).

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Whatever. Persist.

First off, man I hate spammers.  I’m going to rant a second so skip ahead if you can’t handle it. Dear spammers, fuck off you dirty, shitty, awful fucking people.  Go do something, any god damn thing.  This stuff I’m doing here is junk. I know this, but it’s still better than anything you are doing.

Second I recorded my first podcast that I will try to get up here before January ends.  I’ll try to do like six this year.  While my voice is super sexy, I’m a shitty reader, reading you shitty writing (what an endorsement) but in the end I have to do more corrections than I had hoped.  So hopefully both writing and reading will get better.

Third, I did get in some writing.  90-100 and I’m almost 15000 words and almost a third into this novel.  I guess I’m just slow.  That is not a whole lot of work is it?  that is like two weeks work spread over a year.  Whatever. Persist.


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D&D Next

So I was the one sucker that bought D&D 4th edition.  Then when I told people I had it they asked why I didn’t have Pathfinder.  Dang!

So I was invited to play D&D Next which was really fun.  I like the expertise die.  It gives me a chance to roll more dice and just generally have more options.

The guys I played with were all impressed in October how powerful their characters were, but then complained in November when said characters were scaled back.  I was like whatever, we knew there would be changes, it was a peek behind the curtain and I really dug it.  We are older so it  tough to find the time play at all, so I can see the difficulty they are having.  But it’s worth it to me.

That is all for now though.  Waiting with bells on for the next session.  Holidaze were too busy.

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wtf WordPress?

Why are you riddled with fucking spam?  And why do I pay hosting fees so I can fix this shit.  Mother fucker! this is total fucking bullshit?  GRRR!

This digit assault has got to stop.  Some one got my card over the holidays.  Fucking card was charged up in in Columbia like a week before Xmas.  Dirty fuckers.

JD is raging tonight!

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How to Write a Book in One Hour Bursts

In Stephen King’s On Writing book he talks about learning to read in bursts.  At the dentist or doctor’s office, on a bus etc.  Then I’ve heard stories of people finishing a novel at lunch.  This is where I am now.  Find time where you can and go go go.

1.)  Promise that you will look at the book at x time.  Just look that is all.  (You will do more than look.)

2.) Know what you will write before you sit down.  Have the scene worked out in your head.  Not everything dopey, just the outline.

3.) Under no circumstances are you to check a website or your phone during the one hour. Write.

4.) Just write.  As Mur says, turn off you editor.

5.) You may need a longer bit of time to stitch the one hour sessions together.  Get the fuck out of bed on Saturday you fucking lazy piece of shit.


That is all I have right now.  I write blog posts in 15 minute increments bitch.

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Happy Hobbit New Year

I wonder if Led Zeppelin has seen the new hobbit movie?  If so, do they approve?  I liked it.  How you turn a child’s tale into three movies is amazing.  I did not care much for the villain   The pale orc compared to Smaug is just no comparison at all.