Month: January 2013

Business man

I find it hard to put into words, my feelings about offices and business in general.  Part of the ‘problem’

Whatever. Persist.

First off, man I hate spammers.  I’m going to rant a second so skip ahead if you can’t handle it.

D&D Next

So I was the one sucker that bought D&D 4th edition.  Then when I told people I had it they

wtf WordPress?

Why are you riddled with fucking spam?  And why do I pay hosting fees so I can fix this shit.

How to Write a Book in One Hour Bursts

In Stephen King’s On Writing book he talks about learning to read in bursts.  At the dentist or doctor’s office,

Happy Hobbit New Year

I wonder if Led Zeppelin has seen the new hobbit movie?  If so, do they approve?  I liked it.  How