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eBook is up

Wow! Smashwords is surprisingly easy. But I’m a bit of a tech. So I can, you know, read directions. Not that you can’t, man you are so sensitive. Anyway, the eBook is up and now I can beg for money on twitter. Let me hold a dollar.

Oh and hey, you got a book you want formatted for Smashwords. Let me know, I’ll do it on the cheap, or maybe I do it for editing work, hmm.

On to the Kindle store. Apparently, Amazon won’t play nice with Smashwords. Not surprising

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eBook time

40-80 I know everyone has a self-published ebook. But mine is better. I’m going to call it
Dystopian Futures: A Collection of Short Stories. It’s been sucking up my time, but in the end, it’s really only like 3 thousand new words. My output is sad, but not unplanned. Next year I’ll have more time to commit to writing. It will be out there very soon. Just waiting on some reader feedback.