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Goal Check – Great News

Well great and not so great news.  The great news it that I will probably hit my 250 dollar money for words goal.  This was the last goal I thought I could hit.  Apparently there is plenty of money out there for a few intelligent words put in a line.  The work is not fiction though, so that sucks.  But even my non-fiction is just stories from the real world.  Some even ’embellished’  so fuck it, it counts.  What I thought would be the toughest, make money, has been the easiest.   I have made 110 dollars from writing on a business site so far.  This money covers hosting for this site for the year so that is great.  Next year has to be more profitable, and I want that to be for fiction.  Which is so much tougher, click my ApprovedRejections category if you doubt me.

My other goals have gone, well meh.  I have not kept up with the blog and writing two novel in a year, I now know is just silly.  Some people take 7 or more years to finish one and a novel a year is considered productive so whatever.  I will try to get a set of short stories together, so you can see what ability I have beyond 200 words of rant, every other month. I’m still not a soda drinker though.  So go stick your dick in blender.

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When You Should Work from Home

  1. When you are going from floor 4 to 1 and get pissed when the elevator stops at 3.
  2. Your aggravation doubles when that fat bitch steps in a presses the 2 button…then had the audacity to smile at you.
  3. When exiting said elevator and doing the ‘get the fuck out of the way’ dance with some asshole that forgot the rule of; let people off the fucking elevator before you load your noisy, oblivious, ass onto the elevator.  This busy fucker doesn’t even stop his conversation about skiing, in June, to say “excuse me, I need to get on this elevator before you get off.” So I give him a nice loud “excuse me.”  Just to wake him up.

But maybe, I’m just having a bad day.  Thanks for letting me rant.  Now go write and don’t be an asshole like me.

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Is bittersweet one word or two?  Nope, don’t care.  I was rejected by a couple new places, I’ve decided not to name them anymore.  It’s pointless more likely to piss someone off than anything else.  I was told my writing was good, which is awesome.  But in the same breath, I was told that I didn’t create enough conflict.  I  thought long and hard about my stories, and that is probably accurate.  There is not enough conflict in any of my stuff.  But, I think, in the end, I’m a little more intellectual, conflict is great but, my conflicts tend to be of the mind, internal not external, so you dumb fucker are just missing it, no just kidding, it’s not there. I will ‘action it up’ some, because I’d really like to get a few more things accepted, but mostly, because I want to get better at this.