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More Games

I’ve been doing more playing than writing.  Not good for finishing my novel I know, but whatever.   I keep submitting what I have and keep on.  Persist.  I played Small World from Days of Wonder, which is a clever game.  You are one of many fantasy races trying to win territory with some tricky dick tile mechanics.  But then your race goes into decline and you pick a new race, rinse and repeat for a set number of turns.  So it’s all about picking the right time to go into decline.  Maybe this game is too clever.  I don’t know, if you want a clever French game, try Mayfair’s Horus.  It’s more abstract but more fun I think.

Then I play tested a friend’s RPG.  I always wanted to be a play tester.  I won’t tell the name of the game but I think it’s going to be good.  They will have to do a kickstarter or something to get it going.    I was a priest, and I got to speak some spanish and kill a giant bug.  Being relatively new to RPGs, it kind of make me sad that I didn’t play them all along.   Oh well, better late than never.