Month: March 2012

Where Do You Write?

Since most of my writing in now happening at lunchtime.  I write at the McDonald’s close to work. There is a Starbucks by there too and a Caribou but a


22-25.  This novel will be terrible.  But I think now, I just need to finish it and put it in the trunk.  Sigh.  I got sucked into The Hunger Games. 

The Melonheads

Learned about the Melonheads urban legend this week.  So odd this one got by me till now.  There are many versions of the story but essentially there was a Dr.


We don’t say hate.  That is what we say in my house.  I would prefer fucking swear words to words like ‘hate’ or ‘never’ or ‘always’.  These are the real

Feed is Active

Everything with WordPress and Google and is so damn easy now.  Wow, if only good writing were this simple.  The feed is up so you can all can subscribe now. 

Zombies Are Out, Anxiety Is In

14-21.  Wanted to write about zombies.  Ended up with this weird diatribe on anxiety and how to instill it into your children.  Oh well, I’ll send it out and see

Write, write and re-write

Turns out this little story I’ve been sending out really is crap.  I wrote it some time ago thought is was fine.  Then KZine rejected it with some feedback similar