Month: January 2012


I’ve just started The Walking Dead, sucked me in pretty fast.  I’ve been curious about these zombie stories and what makes them so popular.  It’s more about the living characters,

First Attempt at Money 2012

So I have a story that I’ve submitted a couple times.  Once at Red Fez and once at Another Realm.  Both rejected, but whatever.  Red Fez claimed there was not enough


Hours 8-13.  And I’ve only generated about 5000 words.  Granted I’m just a part timer, but I need to make time for this.  At this rate I’ll be dead before

Literature of Ideas

Some disparate things came together this week.  First, because my novel has aliens, I guess it’s science fiction.  OK so I’m on Wikipedia looking at the definition of science fiction


Hours 6 and 7, at this rate I’ll finish a novel in like …3 fucking years.  I don’t like snowflaking, it’s work.  So I busted out of it and wrote


Hours 1-5,  I had hoped to put in 20 this week but, whatever.  Remember, when you are working for/with others,  everyone else sets goals, and they all think they can

Happy New Year! Did You Set Any Writing Goals?

Exchange on December 31, 2011. Wife: What to you want for dinner? Me: I’m going to skip a meal. Wife: Why? Me: I want to go into 2012 hungry. Wife: