Month: January 2012


I’ve just started The Walking Dead, sucked me in pretty fast.  I’ve been curious about these zombie stories and what

First Attempt at Money 2012

So I have a story that I’ve submitted a couple times.  Once at Red Fez and once at Another Realm.  Both


Hours 8-13.  And I’ve only generated about 5000 words.  Granted I’m just a part timer, but I need to make

Literature of Ideas

Some disparate things came together this week.  First, because my novel has aliens, I guess it’s science fiction.  OK so


Hours 6 and 7, at this rate I’ll finish a novel in like …3 fucking years.  I don’t like snowflaking,


Hours 1-5,  I had hoped to put in 20 this week but, whatever.  Remember, when you are working for/with others,

Happy New Year! Did You Set Any Writing Goals?

Exchange on December 31, 2011. Wife: What to you want for dinner? Me: I’m going to skip a meal. Wife: