Goal Check – Great News

Well great and not so great news.  The great news it that I will probably hit my 250 dollar money for words goal.  This was the last goal I thought I could hit.  Apparently there is plenty of money out there for a few intelligent words put in a line.  The work is not fiction though, so that sucks.  But even my non-fiction is just stories from the real world.  Some even ’embellished’  so fuck it, it counts.  What I thought would be the toughest, make money, has been the easiest.   I have made 110 dollars from writing on a business site so far.  This money covers hosting for this site for the year so that is great.  Next year has to be more profitable, and I want that to be for fiction.  Which is so much tougher, click my ApprovedRejections category if you doubt me.

My other goals have gone, well meh.  I have not kept up with the blog and writing two novel in a year, I now know is just silly.  Some people take 7 or more years to finish one and a novel a year is considered productive so whatever.  I will try to get a set of short stories together, so you can see what ability I have beyond 200 words of rant, every other month. I’m still not a soda drinker though.  So go stick your dick in blender.