So very excited to share a new game with you!! Check out Toadstone, a fun, two player, quick play game where you lay out your toadstools to capture toads. Then

‘Ol Bonegrinder

So welcome back. I’m back. You’re back. We are all back, for a minute anyway, the holidaze will mess us up again for sure. In the meantime, my group (not

Graphic Art

My first business card. So I showed my lovely business card to my graphic artist friend. He swiftly made sure I was not actually passing these out. His reasons. Font

Immortality: The Game Launches on Kickstarter

Kickstarter launched for Immortality: The Game. Six days into the campaign already and at this rate it’s not going to happen. Immortality: The Kickstarter is clearly mortal. Therefore I need

What a Game or a Story Can Be

Gaming can be a place to show that you understand complex things and can implement your plan towards success inside a framework or against these complex rules (things) toward success. 

Solo Gaming

So, after ditching your gaming group. You may find yourself looking to game, but have no one to game with. What’s a fella to do? There are a bunch of

Sad and Lonely Gamer – When to Leave a Gaming Group

What is a gamer with no games to play? What is a player with no friends who stay? Tuesday’s are always tough for me. Monday comes and goes and the

Truth Bombs

Played a fun game last night. It was called Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs. This is a fun party game. You write down things about the other players like ‘What

Getting Back to Games

So I created a separate site for my personal and rant-y stuff. Stay here for games guys. Games, writing, creative stuff. Just getting focused. If you like rants. They are

More On Remakes

I had planned on a week of daily, interesting re-make board game posts. Came up with two posts, which I’m happy with! Because usually, I just think of stuff and