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Pay Attention

Such a simple thing to do right? Wrong. To pay attention is difficult. Very difficult, you are not thinking, you are just watching and listening. But keep working too you can’t just watch, you are a participant. What a crazy world we live in and what crazy lives we lead. Hang tough friends. We will get to the end wether we want to or not. What will they say about you at the end? Good things? Or he/she was a miserable prick/cunt? What I dislike the most, I guess, is theirs idea that I must climb this dominance hierarchies. This eternal fight to beat the other monkeys. It’s tiring! But we continue on, never surrender!! Will you hit the top, probably not, but never let them think you knew that all along, keep pushing like you will be the next boss or the next family leader etc. and they won’t say of you that you gave up. Wouldn’t that be the worst thing you could do? Give up. And should end up there, then you can think. Wield that power with honesty, grace, bravery and with as much morality as you can muster. So in a word. Persist.