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What is the difference between a big Ego and having confidence? I would say ego is selfish. Confidence cares about more than you, it cares about you, them and the task at hand. Confidence is so very important in everything you want to accomplish. You need to know you will accomplish it before you accomplish it. Ego can help you do this too, but ego will crush anyone (including you) who gets in the way of the task.

So chill out all you ego maniacs and make room for those of us with true confidence. Of course this statement is silly, they won’t make room, that is why we call them ego maniacs. So the true confident people will always clash with those with ego.

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Random Thoughts – Changing jobs in your forties

So yeah, I joined what is essentially a Midwest start up at 41. What could go wrong?!?  I did this once before and it lasted six months (2008 financial meltdown strike any chords?), to say I’m nervous is an understatement.  But I would not be me if I just sat in one place and wasted away.  I won’t.  And I won’t tolerate miserable bosses and people in my life for long either.  Don’t waste your time and breath on these people.  Fight if you have the fortitude but move the fuck on if you have to.

Regardless I’m going to give it my all.  So you should see more postings here as I, hopefully, become less miserable.  

Midwest start ups are not so much like the west coast (based on my knowledge of the Silicon Valley HBO show.)  The two Midwest super small companies I’ve seen now were both backed by giant companies.  And don’t think because we are not west coast that we don’t work as hard as you do.  We often work harder because we have families and homes and yards to care for.  Functional families that is, you know who you are.  But unfortunately we also have guys who still think it’s 1980 and they can ‘kick ass and take names’ or ‘do what I want because I’m the boss and I say what goes and this ‘coders’ are just resources.’  okay, whatever, I don’t even know what I’m bitching about anymore.

Just wanted to post something.  Been a while. For that one guy who reads this blog. I love you man.