Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Poem

I needed to just blow some energy out. So I wrote this poem. I find poetry is a nice way to complain like the litte baby that I am, but I’m complaining while holding flowers and smiling and oh look I have some money for you. So it’s not just complaining. I tried hard to keep a different person in mind here (not myself for once.) This is a poem to any young person who would stumble across my blog, and the message is this.

Go do art! Go do something! Take risks and say “Fuck you” to some old dopey people. You don’t have long to play the game that way. But if you play that way, play it all the way, but know it’s just a game where you choose the win condition. And when you decide you’ve won, choose a new win condition.

Anyway here is my poem.


A plea from me to you
Do what you want to do
A plea from me to me
Be what you want to be

Don’t stop and don’t stray
I’m screaming “just stay”
A plea from me to you
I’m weeping “just stay”

Please, I know it’s frightening
both hands around the lightning
A plea from me to you
Do what you want to do


I thought I had it worked out. Not so much. Who does? I know that I’m headed in the right direction. Watch what I do now. I’m done with complaining and ranting. I want to enlighten, maybe even help some people if I can. I always thought I wanted to write to get away from people, turns out the opposite is true, I want to write to get closer to people, to you. Please come and check out my blog, I will be on about people, creativity, writing, gaming and maybe some morality/life lesson-y type stuff.