Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Internet is Lost

Because enough people know. Because privacy here is no more. Because you can’t just be new here. You need a well designed space. An idea or a plan for the person who shows up on your site. What did you think? You could just put up a site and people would come and you would become rich. There are a million other people that did that too. How will anyone find you among a million others just like you? Because I don’t trust the internet over anything else anymore. There is nothing here but a fucking sell. You need to go back to the original quest for knowledge, other people. I don’t want what some curator found for me.

So I was looking for inspiration on the internet. Which I do now and again, but there used to be this wild west vibe here. Not so much anymore. Now whatever I find, is just some packaged bullshit. I won’t put the guy’s site here, not that anyone reads this, but if they did, I wouldn’t want to insult the guy. He’s got I right to make money, I guess. But not on MY internet! I was here first. Am I jealous and childish? Yes, I suppose. I want the romance internet, the one they will talk about in a hundred years. Where you go on and if you thought of it first, and fought hard and gained acceptance; your shit would ‘go viral’ or reach market dominance. There is no art here to me anymore.

Maybe I’m just old and tired and lacking confidence today. In the end. Persist. Carry on because there is nothing left to do but carry on.