Monthly Archives: February 2014

Traiter Body

As I get older, I’ve noticed that my body has been breaking down. Worse than breaking down, it’s been outright betraying me. Forcing me to tend to it and cater to it’s whims. I don’t like this. I often feel that I’m trapped inside this traitorous vessel.

I keep having this day dream where my face is just this blank mask with black eye and mouth holes. If you’ve seen Pink Floyd’s The Wall you know what I mean. It’s usually when I’m eating. Shoving food into this expressionless beast that controls me. It’s very unnerving, the body is like this wild, childish, and demanding creature that I’m stuck inside.

Maybe I’m smoking too much.

Deadly Silence

And here I was so worried about negative feedback. It’s no feedback that will kill you; make you think the worst. Being ignored is worse than being shit one (figuratively.) I guess I need to find some promotional things to do. But if you have a day job is it worth it? I think I’ll just keep writing. Try to hone the craft. I wrote a novel, finished the fucker, which is more than most people can say. Still would be nice to get a couple readers.

More Words More Money

Not really. I gets no monies fo dis shit. Monies, I need monies. Not really, I do fine in my day job. Just saying it would be nice.

250-350 – and at about 40,400 words I’ve stopped and posted a new novel. I’m okay with how it turned out. I did the formatting and cover which came out really nice. Contact me if you need some shit formatted for an ebook. I’m fucking good I tell you. I’ll trade formatting skill for editing skills. (I stole the image and doctored it. Is it yours? omg I’m sorry! Email me ok. We can work it out.)
Check it out here

Put in this code NK46S and get it for free…review it if you like it. If you don’t like it your silence is appreciated. (read: fuck off negative Nancy)

Back to work writing another one.

New Novel Up on Smashwords


That took way too long. But There you go. I call it From Light to Life. I thank the very awesome Melvyn Windam @melorama2000 for offering a few tips.

I’ll get the bugger up on kindle soon. Go find it on Smashwords for now.