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Where Do You Write?

Since most of my writing in now happening at lunchtime.  I write at the McDonald’s close to work. There is a Starbucks by there too and a Caribou but a coffee shop?  Someday, when I’m famous, explaining that I wrote this fucking masterpiece at a Starbucks? It’s just not me.  Okay, McDonald’s isn’t much better, but I don’t go in and buy that fucking poisonous food, I just pull up and piggy back the Wi-Fi from the car. Now that is cool, “I wrote this fucking masterpiece on my lunch hour in my car, piggy backing the McDonald’s Wi-Fi to Google Docs.  Fuck yeah!” The Starbucks writers are too young, too hip and to god damn pretentious.  If you are writing at Starbucks, I hope your barrista goes nuts and jams stir sticks into your fucking eyeballs.  Just kidding, write wherever you want.  Just write.  Where do you write?


22-25.  This novel will be terrible.  But I think now, I just need to finish it and put it in the trunk.  Sigh.  I got sucked into The Hunger Games.  It seems like women writing for young adults has taken over.  The characters are great, and the internal dialog is wonderful.  I just hope, for my own sake, that the penis pen can make a come back.  Don’t ask me what that means.



The Melonheads

Learned about the Melonheads urban legend this week.  So odd this one got by me till now.  There are many versions of the story but essentially there was a Dr. Crow that did some experiments on children. He filling their heads with liquid for some scientific but unclear purpose, making their heads as big as well, a melon.  So something happened where the facility blew up and all the children and Dr. Crow died.  But the children’s ghosts still haunt the woods.  Giant headed children ghosts.  I love it.


So that is my writing exorcise for you.  Do some local google searches for urban legends in your area.  Then write a story about it.


Here is my Ode to the Melonheads.  Picture a death metal band screaming this.

Pain and tears

Thrive on fears

Sucking souls

Mayhem goals


Living dead


Living dead



Drink their fill

Backward hill

Little geeks

Vengeful freaks


Living dead


Living dead



In the know

Dr. Crow

Science fright

In the night


Living dead


Living dead





We don’t say hate.  That is what we say in my house.  I would prefer fucking swear words to words like ‘hate’ or ‘never’ or ‘always’.  These are the real bad words. Truth is though, I grew up in a hateful house and I hate all the time.  I am a hater.  I hate the the players, the game , your hair, the system and myself.

Recently though, in the last few years, I’ve found ways to control the hateful thoughts.  Turn them positive and/or shut them down.  I can now sort of shut them down before they get going.  One way is zeroing in on key words like ‘never’ and ‘hate’.

I only hope that I can pass these skills on to my kids now, while they are young, they will then be able to do better than I have.

The damage from hate is immense, it only brings pain to both the hater and the hated.  Retaliation, poor decision making, even physical problems can stem from hate.  You want a great way to do nothing and still be tired.  Sit around and think about your little petty pet peeves and let them turn into hateful thoughts, it will exhaust you.

Learn to let go, just let it the fuck go.  Open up and let your guard down just a little.  You may find the hate coming in then, but once you shut it down inside, you can shut it down as it comes in from others.

So yeah, these are just words, it’s the thought and the intent behind them that matters.  So I watch for the that and don’t ban these words outright, but mostly I don’t say ‘hate’ anymore and I don’t say dumb shit that is akin to hate.

So let’s remember not to hate this election year my fellow Americans.


Feed is Active

Everything with WordPress and Google and is so damn easy now.  Wow, if only good writing were this simple.  The feed is up so you can all can subscribe now.  All you millions of fans.

Write, write and re-write

Turns out this little story I’ve been sending out really is crap.  I wrote it some time ago thought is was fine.  Then KZine rejected it with some feedback similar to what I’ve seen before.  So I read the damn thing, and they are right, it sucks.  So I rewrote it and and we will try again tonight.  Assume nothing! Ever!